Blyth and Burrows

Est. 2017

Vintage-inspired cocktail bar & upscale small plates

Commander Samuel Blyth and Lt. William Burrows

"The captain of HMS Boxer, Commander Samuel Blyth, was killed early in the action by a cannonball; had he lived he might have defended his ship more desperately, but it is not probable with more success. It was his fate now to receive like courtesy at the hands of his enemy. His remains, in company with those of the brave Lieutenant William Burrows, were brought to Portland, where they were interred with military honours in Eastern Cemetery. It was a striking and affecting sight, to behold two gallant commanders, who had lately been arrayed in deadly hostility against each other, descending into one quiet grave, there to mingle their dust peacefully together."

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This little spot came highly recommended to use as cocktail lovers from Chicago. The staff here is good, the cocktails are great and the food is a nice variety. We had a muscles preparation with toast bites that made us ask if it was in house conserva or purchased (if it was purchased we needed to know where to get some) and to our glee, it's made in house, outstanding. The drinks here are creative and well balanced. Space is limited so bring your best friend and pull up to the bar for a pleasant evening with banger flavors.
Unique and creative cocktails. Loved the taste and presentation of the Ship Crew Captain
Cute little speakeasy vibe. Amazing espresso martinis!
Really incredible. Bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly without being pretentious. The drinks were well executed and tasty. I could not have asked for anything more from this establishment.
Outstanding cocktails
Awesome . Awesome Awesome . Craft and class by itself . Can’t say enough good things . Watching the bar was a like a cinema gem .
Some great happy hour deals. Excellent cocktails.
I always love visiting this bar when I'm in town. They have a great selection, and their bartenders really know their stuff. This is a must visit place in Portland, and get the oysters!
Drinks are on the pricey side but it’s worth it. The Tom Yum drink was great. Most unique I’ve ever had. Sucks that the speakeasy was closed whenever we were there. But def worth a visit!
The pompous and entitled bar hostess exuded an air of superiority that permeated the atmosphere of the establishment. From the moment we approached the door, she made it clear that she considered herself better, with an attitude that bordered on haughty and dismissive.Her demeanor was off-putting, as she seemed more interested in showcasing her perceived status and authority than in providing genuine hospitality. She made no effort to connect with customers on a personal level, instead choosing to flaunt her position and belittle those she deemed unworthy of her attention.However, The amazing bartender (Chad) at this establishment truly elevated the entire experience with their exceptional skills and delightful personality. From the moment I approached the bar, they greeted me with a warm smile and made me feel right at home.Not only was the bartender incredibly talented at crafting delicious cocktails, but they also took the time to engage with me, recommending drinks based on my preferences and sharing their knowledge of mixology. Their enthusiasm and passion for their craft were evident in every cocktail they made, each one a work of art in both presentation and taste.What truly set this bartender apart was their genuine friendliness and attentiveness. Despite a busy night, they never made me feel rushed and always took the time to chat and make sure I was enjoying my experience. Their ability to connect with customers on a personal level created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that made me want to keep coming back.Overall, the amazing bartender at this bar not only served up incredible drinks but also provided top-notch customer service that left a lasting impression. Their dedication to their craft and genuine hospitality made for a truly memorable and enjoyable evening. I would highly recommend visiting this bar for a drink served with a side of excellent service from this exceptional bartender.The Tom Yum Punch at this bar is an absolute must-try for cocktail enthusiasts looking for a unique and flavorful experience. Priced at $14, this innovative concoction combines the bold flavors of gin, lime, and Tom Yum soup, creating a one-of-a-kind libation that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.What sets this cocktail apart is the intriguing addition of Tom Yum soup, a Thai hot and sour soup known for its aromatic blend of herbs and spices. The bartender's creative twist on this classic dish, along with the process of milk clarification, results in a beautifully balanced and velvety smooth drink that is as visually stunning as it is delicious.With each sip of the Tom Yum Punch, you'll be treated to a burst of citrusy lime, the botanical notes of gin, and the subtle umami richness of the Tom Yum soup. The complexity of flavors harmonizes seamlessly, creating a truly unforgettable drinking experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.Priced at $14, the Tom Yum Punch is a worthy investment for cocktail enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary. Whether you're a fan of traditional Tom Yum soup or simply looking to expand your palate with a creative and expertly crafted libation, this cocktail is sure to impress. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor this innovative and delicious drink at this bar.
We always make a point to go for dinner and/or drinks here when we can. I also always take family and friends that visit here! The burger special, the charred oysters, captains board, all delicious and I don’t even like oysters... We also asked one of the bartenders to make a vodka inspired drink based on the preferences of someone in our party and it was one of the best drinks I’ve ever tried. They truly do know their stuff, and are experts in their craft. Don’t forget to get the fra-gee-lay around the holidays!
Went for the dollar oysters and was seated in the speak easy. Everything was great.

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