Blyth and Burrows

Est. 2017

Vintage-inspired cocktail bar & upscale small plates

Commander Samuel Blyth and Lt. William Burrows

"The captain of HMS Boxer, Commander Samuel Blyth, was killed early in the action by a cannonball; had he lived he might have defended his ship more desperately, but it is not probable with more success. It was his fate now to receive like courtesy at the hands of his enemy. His remains, in company with those of the brave Lieutenant William Burrows, were brought to Portland, where they were interred with military honours in Eastern Cemetery. It was a striking and affecting sight, to behold two gallant commanders, who had lately been arrayed in deadly hostility against each other, descending into one quiet grave, there to mingle their dust peacefully together."

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Great atmosphere and wonderful innovative cocktails. Highly recommend.
This is a wikkid cool spot very underrated, but has a lovely charm. Watching the barmen make their visually pleasing cocktails, is part of the experience here.Definitely give it a visit.
This place is really cool and really unique. I was looking for cocktails that were super unique and different and this place did not disappoint. Very highly recommended.
Cozy, upscale cocktail bar in the heart of the old port. Probably the best cocktails in the city, with warm and welcoming staff, solid beer selections, and delicious food. It has both hipster speakeasy and tourist friendly vibes, and weekly deals and specials.
Lovely and unique cocktails, and quick service.
Response from the owner: We really appreciate you leaving such a nice review.
The rest have a bar at their front and a speakeasy at the back. We were served at the speakeasy and the drinks and service was outstanding. Will return anytime we return to Portland.
Response from the owner: Thank you for leaving such a great review. We hope to see again when you can come back to Portland.
Dope speakeasy with a solid vibe
Response from the owner: Thanks. We love it too.
SIX STAR PLACE!!! Just phenomenal cocktail bar. They make all there drinks the proper way. Plus they all come in the proper glass or stem wear. It is about the detail and this place nails it. Had a version of an old fashion, the Enterprise, it was lights out fantastic. I usually hate old fashions but this one is outstanding. Purchased to support someone in need. Then had a whiskey sour. To days the least it was prepared properly; hardest said than done. Gentlemen, if I were 25 years younger, 50 pounds lighter and did not have the love of my life with me I would be here all the time; some fine looking ladies.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the great review.
The drinks were great, and the pretzels were excellent, especially the warm beer cheese sauce.
Response from the owner: Thanks for such a great review
Great cocktails, friendly service. High end appearance inside.
Response from the owner: Benjamin, thank you for taking the time to leave us such a great review. Much appreciated.
Great cocktails, bartender very knowledgeable.
Response from the owner: We appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a great review.
Phenomenal!!! A must visit. Cocktails and food far exceeded expectations. Atmosphere amazing and service staff in speak easy portion outstanding. Will be back next time we are in Portland.
Response from the owner: Victoria, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. So glad you appreciate what we do.

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