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“The captain of HMS Boxer, Commander Samuel Blyth, was killed early in the action by a cannonball; had he lived he might have defended his ship more desperately, but it is not probable with more success. It was his fate now to receive like courtesy at the hands of his enemy. His remains, in company with those of the brave Lieutenant William Burrows, were brought to Portland, where they were interred with military honours in Eastern Cemetery. It was a striking and affecting sight, to behold two gallant commanders, who had lately been arrayed in deadly hostility against each other, descending into one quiet grave, there to mingle their dust peacefully together.”

209 years later

Blyth & Burrows is a classic cocktail bar steeped in the traditions of exceptional hospitality and a dedication to craft. Our name pays tribute to the two brave captains who perished after the capture of HMS Boxer off the coast of Maine in 1813. Our two level room features a raw bar and creative small plates, in addition to perfectly poured cocktails and impeccable service. 

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